Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the recommended browser for viewing this site?

It is important to note that some configurations and browsers provide a better user experience on our website

On a PC

We best support Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, version 9.0 or above. If you have a PC and are using an older version of IE or are using Netscape, you might want to try switching to the latest Internet Explorer or Chrome.

On a Macintosh

We recommend Mozilla Firefox for Macintosh users.

If you need help upgrading or switching to another browser, please contact the browser company directly for complete directions.

When I hit add to cart nothing happens, Why?

Cookies must to be enabled in your browser. See below.

Do cookies need to be enabled to order?

Yes. Please make sure your browser has been configured to accept cookies as you will not be able to order if not enabled. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer that work with your Web browser to facilitate the order process.. Here is how you check to see if cookies are enabled in your browser:

Internet Explorer 9.x

Click on the "Tools" icon (looks like a gear) or press Alt-x. Then click on "Internet Options". Then select "Privacy" and set the slide to "Medium" level.

Secondly: Click the "Advanced..." button below the slide, and check the "Override automatic cookie handling" box in the new window. Click on the "Accept" radio buttons for First-party cookies and Third-party Cookies.  Check the "Always allow session cookies" box. Click "OK". You will get a new page that mentions "Settings" on the top and "Web Sites" on the bottom. Click "OK" at the bottom of this page and continue on browsing as you normally would.

Internet Explorer 5.x

Click on "Tools". Then click on "Internet Options". Then select "Security" (while you are there, make sure your settings are on "Medium"). Click the button that says "Custom Level". Scroll down the list until you see "cookies". Make sure the "Enabled" buttons are selected.

Netscape 7.x

Click on "Edit" and "Preferences". Double click on "Privacy & Security" then select "Cookies". Make sure "Enable cookies based on privacy settings" or "Enable all cookies" is selected. Please check your privacy settings are set to medium by clicking on the view button.

Macintosh Mozilla Firefox

From the Firefox menu, select "Preferences". In the left-hand pane, click "Privacy". To expand the Cookies section, click the arrow next to "Cookies". Make sure one or both of the checkboxes are checked.

Macintosh Safari 1.1 or higher

From the Safari menu, select "Edit" and then select "Preferences". Then click on "Security."
In the "Accept Cookies:" section make sure "Always" or "Only from sites you navigate to" is selected.
In the "Web Content:" section make sure "Enable JavaScript" is checked.

Do you have any tips for MP3 downloads?

Please visit our Download FAQ page by clicking here for help with several common downloading issues.

How do I permanently put these audios on my iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTouch?

If you are an i-user (i.e. iPad, iPhone, etc), in order to permanently save the download you purchased to your device (rather than just stream it each time), you will need to download the audio to your PC or Mac's hard drive, make sure the files are put into your iTunes software, and then sync up your device.