Guided Imagery and Intuition

Excerpted from Your Sixth Sense: Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition © Naparstek, 2009

We've all experienced moments of "knowing" that defy logic and reason. What is this business we call intuition, and how does it work? Why do certain life experiences - falling in love, intense grief, near-death experience, meditation, for instance - seem to bring it on? And what can we do to coax it out of us even more?

Belleruth, through her interviews with more than 40 gifted intuitives, learned a lot about the personality traits and personal experiences that release this universal talent. She also synthesized a simple but profound explanation of the physics of ESP, and created guided imagery exercises to replicate the powerful mind states that unlock this magical but ordinary ability.

Here are some of the conclusions she came to after over a year of research:

  • Everyone is psychic, This is nothing extraordinary. We only make it so because we live in a left-brain dominated culture.
  • There are many things we can do to increase our skill at accessing these natural human gifts for telepathy, precognition and intuitive knowing.
  • Guided imagery is one near-perfect vehicle for replicating both the biophysical and the subjective conditions that come together to produce a "psychic pop" of sixth sense knowing.
  • Guided imagery that opens the heart and deliberately evokes feelings of love, gratitude and compassion, is a particularly safe and powerful way to do this.
  • Further unlocking the sixth sense through opening the heart is a good idea. It helps us stay safe, perform well and create beauty. (The intuitive process and the creative process are essentially the same process.)

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Guided Imagery And Intuition

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