Meet Our Team

George Klein

Initial funding for Health Journeys was provided by a visionary businessman and philanthropist, George R. Klein, who, in those early days, treated the project more as a charity than a business, which is the only way it could have survived those early years. Over a decade and a half later, an independent, profitable business still maintains it's strong service orientation. But that never could have happened without George Klein's patience and vision.

Belleruth Naparstek

Belleruth Naparstek, ACSW, is the creator of the Health Journeys series, and the person who very carefully selects the practitioners, titles and approaches featured on this site and in our catalog…. Now there are scores of tapes, CDs, video and software, and a growing list of wonderful titles by other practitioners that promote, not just guided imagery, but meditation, yoga, qigong, acupressure and a host of other research-proven, mind-body methods. You can learn more about Belleruth by clicking HERE.

Cheryl Pomeraning

Cheryl Pomeraning, who has been with us since the days we were a struggling, little baby company, runs customer service, and warehouse operations with extraordinary kindness and care. She knows scores of callers by name, setting and maintaining a tone of personal attention, gentle concern and prompt service. She also honchos all our print and enews mailings.

Steven Mark Kohn

The success of Health Journeys owes a great deal to the vast talents and virtuoso skills of Steven Mark Kohn, its inspired composer, who writes, scores and records the original music that accompanies each imagery narrative. (To learn more about Steve and his work, click HERE.)

Bruce Gigax

Bruce Gigax of Audio Recording Studios is Health Journey's impeccable and skillful sound engineer, who, over the years, has become the maestro of guided imagery and meditation editing, recording and production. You can learn more about Bruce by clicking HERE.