Choose Your Format product-choice

On each of our product pages, you’ll find a choice of formats, depending on what’s available in each title. There may be up to four options for the same program – MP3 downloads, CDs, Playaways or Cassettes. For videos, you’ll find DVDs or VHS Tapes.

Here is an example of the menu for choosing audio formats:

cd-cover A CD or compact disk is the hard copy version of our audio programs, just as a DVD is for our videos. Some people prefer to insert a disk into a player over uploading to a computer or listening device. Also, some like to give hard copies as gifts, because they can be wrapped and personally handed to the recipient. Keep in mind that a CD can be used in a computer to upload the audio file to your listening device and even into your iTunes files.


mp3-2An MP3 download is a digital audio file that can be streamed from your computer or uploaded to your phone or portable listening device. If you order a Health Journeys guided imagery or meditation MP3, we’ll send you an email with a link that gives you easy access to download the recording. We also have digital gift cards with room for a personal message if you’d like to send an MP3 as a gift. They’re particularly handy when you’ve just remembered somebody’s birthday at the last minute, because you can still be on time. If you get confused, call and we’ll help you.

Some of our programs are available directly from Google Play and iTunes. Both Google Play and iTunes provide support for their downloads through their respective websites.

A special note for users of Apple products: You cannot download MP3 files directly to your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device. Apple requires that you download MP3 files to a computer and import into iTunes for use on mobile devices.

A Playaway is a light, durable, pre-loaded, portable audio player with the guided imagery or meditation already in it. Content cannot be added to, nor removed from the device. In other words, it’s an all-in-one player and recording, with play buttons on the back – super simple and user-friendly. It’s especially popular with kids, seniors and patients undergoing medical procedures. Not every title has a Playaway version, but it’s worth looking for if you feel this would suit you best.



and VHS Tapes aren’t something you see much any more, but some folks still ask for them, and we do have remaining copies in certain titles. They certainly don’t hold up the way our meditation CDs and DVDs do – over time, a tape stretches and dries out, and the quality isn’t as pure. But if want them, we may have them.