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  1. Healthy Self-Esteem - Affirmations by Traci Stein

  2. Healthy Self-Esteem by Traci Stein

Guided Self-Hypnosis To Foster Healthy Self-Esteem

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5 reviews
5.0 out of 5

by Traci Stein, PhD

This popular self-esteem hypnosis CD or MP3 download is designed for boosting positive self-perception and self-acceptance, holistically and naturally. It features two state-of-the-art hypnosis for self-esteem meditative exercises - a brief version (...

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Product Reviews

  1. 5.0 out of 5

    Reverend Lois Cheney, CLH

    I listened to your CD and felt it was one of the very best. As a certified clinical hypnotist myself, I am always looking for innovative ways to help my clients. It does seem as if all addictions have damaged self-esteem as their beginning motivation. Thank you for a fine program!

  2. 5.0 out of 5

    Samantha Karpel, PhD, MPH, LMT

    As a clinical health psychologist, the Health Journeys® guided imagery audios (recorded by Belleruth Naparstek) for medical procedures have always been *the* recordings that I recommend to patients, family, & friends undergoing medical procedures. The partnership of Health Journeys® with Dr. Traci Stein, means more powerful and effective guided-imagery recordings to come! I always 'try out' meditations/guided imagery recordings before passing them along to my patients. I work as a psychologist for clinical research trials that test the efficacy of guided-relaxation and self-hypnosis on various health, psychological, behavioral, and wellness issues that patients may have. This line of work has given me the opportunity to review many different types of commercial and custom-made guided imagery recordings. I have found Dr. Stein's "Guided Self-Hypnosis to Foster Healthy Self-Esteem" and "Guided Self-Hypnosis to Foster Self-Esteem during Sleep" to simply be among the most effective recordings for this topic that I have ever heard to date. Dr. Stein's voice is soothing and hypnotic. The content of her audio is based on psychological and neuroscientific research as to the most effective ways to self-hypnotize. The imagery she chooses is inspired. A personal anecdote: In 'trying out'/listening to a guided imagery for Relaxing and Healing by Dr. Stein (not yet commercially released) with my 2 year old daughter --it put my daughter to sleep faster than lullabies (which she loves). My daughter, who is a lover of music, often requests Dr. Stein's CDs for sleeping at night. Of course, this anecdote is not why I recommend Dr. Stein's audios, but it is illustrative of a primal relaxation that Dr. Stein's voice and words can invoke. It also speaks to how pleasurable it is to listen to her audios.

  3. 5.0 out of 5


    This series of CD's is a great way to stay in touch with yourself. Dr. Stein creates a peaceful and relaxing way to get centered and focus inward. It's a nice escape from the everyday rat race in an intentional, insightful way. The production value is very high...they are done in a professional manner and I definitely feel better about myself as I continue to use them. Highly recommended!

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