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  1. Meditations For a Fertile Soul

Meditations for a Fertile Soul


1 review
1.0 out of 5

by Jennifer R Bloome

The ideas and guided exercises on this audio program are based on Qi Gong and Taoist principles, encouraging the listener to focus on energy flow throughout the body, accept the body and release negative ideas and comments from others. Bloome really...

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  1. 1.0 out of 5


    It's rare that I have such a negative reaction to a meditation CD, but I really, really did not like this. Her voice really grated on me, I did not like her scripts, and the suggestion that my body has only been doing what I've been telling it to do...that just killed it for me. I use guided imagery CDs for healing and support, and this didn't really feel like either, but this just left me feeling annoyed.

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