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No doubt you clicked here because you’ve heard about some of the benefits to be had from dispensing our materials to members.

Our evidence-based, gold standard, health and wellness tools - meditation, hypnosis and guided imagery - are available for private labeling or direct distribution in our own packaging. Or they can be streamed and downloaded as podcasts on an exclusive web page for your members only.

We can show you published outcomes demonstrating

  • Dramatically improved cost savings,
  • higher member satisfaction and
  • an upswing of the best kind of word-of-mouth PR.

What Companies Use Guided Imagery and Meditation, Anyway?

Kaiser Permanente has been dispensing our audios since 1989. Other companies and institutions are Blue Shield of California, Aetna, Oxford Health Plan, Medical Mutual of Ohio, United Health Care, Progressive, the U.S. Army and the Office of Veterans Affairs to name a few.

The fact is, we distribute our audio materials to insurance carriers, employee assistance programs, health maintenance organizations, behavioral health networks, patient centered medical homes and even top tier health spas and wellness centers. We can adapt to any kind of health plan.

The Considerable Benefits

Health plans enjoy dramatic benefits from using our materials. Consider the following:

  1. Our audio programs dramatically reduce cost. Outcomes in a well known study1 showed that our pre-surgery audio program, when offered to nearly 1,000 Blue Shield of California HMO members prior to scheduled surgery, had a 74% adoption rate and resulted in a 14% reduction in mean total charges billed per procedure, as compared to matched controls.
  2. Our recordings lower the number of office visits. We know that a large proportion of MD appointments – some experts say as much as 50% - are propelled by some form of anxiety or depression. Our evidence-based audio programs for stress, depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, OCD, anger and substance abuse help members maintain emotional balance and resilience, so they can forego that anxiety-driven visit and you can be free of its cost.
  3. Our resources promote wellness and prevent, delay or reduce disease. Evidence is strongest in the areas of heart health and diabetes, but we have studies showing positive impacts on fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, asthma, headache, arthritis and other chronic pain conditions as well.
  4. Our audios help members shed unhealthy habits. Our guided imagery motivates and assists members to quit or reduce their smoking, drinking and overeating. In fact, our smoking cessation program resulted in over twice the 2-year smoking abstinence rates as controls.2
  5. We increase member satisfaction.Member feedback reports on the pleasant surprise of feeling cared for by their health plan, their emotional needs understood and tended to – especially important when the high-tech, low-touch delivery of medical services can feel cold and overwhelming.
  6. Satisfied Members Become Your Best P.R. When a grateful member passes along his private labeled surgery or chemotherapy CD to a friend, because it was such a help during a difficult time, your health plan is being hand-sold by the most reliable of sources – a fellow traveler on a treatment journey.

Worried about Selling This Idea to Your Colleagues, Trustees or CEO?

We’ll provide you with the metrics you need to make your point. Our archives of mind-body clinical trials and randomized studies are up-to-the-minute, and we have hundreds of them, because we’ve been collecting relevant mind-body journal articles since 1989 when George Klein and Belleruth Naparstek first started Health Journeys.

We can also show you a variety of programs in different parts of the country that have succeeded at starting a private label CD program or a website of available podcasts for members to stream and download.

Wondering How to Fund This?

You’ll quickly see that the cost-benefit ratio of dispensing our materials speaks for itself, and you will recoup your modest costs almost immediately. You’ll be creating a healthier bottom line not long after. There’s a reason Kaiser Permanente has been giving away guided imagery free to its members for over 25 years.

We’re delighted to advise you and give you some fresh ideas if you’re looking for a new approach. Just contact Elizabeth Hauser at ehauser@healthjourneys.com or call her at 800-800-8661 x100

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1 Schwab D1, Davies D, Bodtker T, Anaya L, Johnson K, Chaves M. A study of efficacy and cost-effectiveness of guided imagery as a portable, self-administered, presurgical intervention delivered by a health plan. Adv Mind Body Med. 2007 Summer;22 (1): pp.8-14.

2 Wynd CA1. Smoking patterns, beliefs, and the practice of healthy behaviors in abstinent, relapsed, and recalcitrant smokers. J Vasc Nurs. 2007 Jun;25 (2):pp.32-8.