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No doubt you clicked here because you already know that hospitals, clinics and medical departments reap multiple benefits from dispensing or private labeling our gold-standard audio resources - meditation, hypnosis and guided imagery CDs and downloads - to stressed, anxious, or just plain interested patients.

What Hospitals Use This Stuff, Anyway?

The Mayo Clinic, Dana Farber, Johns Hopkins, The Cleveland Clinic, New York Presbyterian, Memorial Sloan Kettering and UCSF Medical Center, to name just a few, use our recordings, and have for years. So has the U.S. Veterans Administration and the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.

The fact is, we distribute our audio materials – private labeled or as is – to hospitals, dialysis centers, radiology units, cancer treatment centers, pain clinics, urgent care networks, addiction recovery centers, stand-alone emergency rooms, behavioral health networks, integrative medicine departments and patient centered medical homes.

But let’s get back to spelling out the benefits.

The Considerable Benefits

  1. Our guided imagery improves patient outcomes. Our most dramatic outcomes from a large, randomized clinical trial may be with our Successful Surgery audio program, which reduced blood loss, pain, anxiety and post-surgical complications at UC Davis and Penn State.

    Our chemotherapy, radiation therapy, dialysis, hospice care and medical procedure audios reduce side effects, help patients tolerate uncomfortable procedures and manage unpleasant symptoms while delivering greater relaxation and comfort.
  2. We reduce cost and increase staff efficiency. Calmer, more comfortable patients are less anxious and less demanding of staff, leaving more time for floor nurses, radiology and dialysis techs, and emergency room personnel to do their work with greater efficiency and speed. This translates to a healthier bottom line, particularly when it comes to radiology procedures.
  3. We increase patient satisfaction. Patients feel cared for, their emotional needs acknowledged and attended to – especially important when high-tech, low-touch medicine can feel cold and overwhelming. The more anxious or distressed the patient, the more dramatic is their relief and gratitude – we have decades of feedback and published research to prove it.
  4. Satisfied Patients Become Your Best P.R. When a grateful patient passes along his private labeled surgery or chemotherapy CD to a friend, because it was such a help during a difficult time, your institution is being hand-sold by the most reliable of sources – a fellow patient, singing your praises.

Worried about Selling This Idea to Your Colleagues, Trustees or CEO?

We’ll provide you with the research you need to make your point. Our archives of mind-body clinical trials and randomized studies are up-to-the-minute, and we have hundreds of them, because we’ve been collecting outcome data since 1989 when George Klein and Belleruth Naparstek first started Health Journeys.

We can also put you in touch with others in different parts of the country who’ve succeeded at starting a program in their hospital, clinic or standalone center.

Wondering How to Fund This?

Most hospitals now have room in their departmental budgets - especially nowadays - for low cost, high yield mind-body patient education materials such as ours. You may want to revisit that query if it’s been a while since you last checked, because times have changed. You may even have an integrative medicine unit that exists just to use materials like ours. Sometimes the marketing or PR arm takes over this modest expense. We even have some old fashioned women’s auxiliaries who foot the bill. In addition, several hospital gift shops sell our resources directly to patients and their visitors.

We’re delighted to advise you and give you some fresh ideas if you’re looking for a new approach. Just contact Elizabeth Hauser at ehauser@healthjourneys.com or call her at 800-800-8661 x100

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