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If you clicked here, you are probably a military or VA health provider or department manager who already knows that our meditation tools for military stress and military trauma are distributed widely within all five branches of the U.S. Armed Services; and that our bulk meditation tools for veterans are used throughout the V.A. system.

We have been trusted providers of health and resiliency audio programs for our service members and veterans for over 20 years now. We are of course registered with SAM (System for Award Management) and we do everything we can to expedite your purchase orders for veterans and needs for bulk meditation tools for military personnel.

You probably also know that our meditation tools for military health, emotional resilience and behavioral health are preferred by our service members because they can be uploaded to a smart phone and used with complete autonomy and discretion.

And finally, we know you probably already know that our materials are not just geared for those in distress, in combat, or in hospitals, but for the everyday concerns and challenges that families face.

A full description of our program follows, but if you’d like to speak with someone directly, Elizabeth Hauser can be reached by email at ehauser@healthjourneys.com or at 800.800.8661 ext 100.

Our History and Longstanding Military Cred

We first created our guided imagery and meditation tool for military trauma, Healing Trauma , back in 1999, when Dr. Edgardo Padin, Chief of Psychology and Director of the PTSD Center at the Brecksville V.A., asked us to make a guided imagery cassette for dual diagnosis Vietnam veterans in recovery from chemical dependency, who were also suffering from posttraumatic stress.

We have supported our troops downrange in Afghanistan and Iraq with guided meditations for sleep, wellness, peak performance, grief, panic, anger and stress, usually loaded into durable, light Playaways.

Our audio programs for surgery, TBI, pain, headache, addiction, depression and posttraumatic stress are used in military hospitals, bases and posts around the world, and similarly, our audio programs for caregiver stress, teen anxiety and children’s issues are distributed to service families worldwide.

We developed our Mind-Body Exercises for Self-Mastery at Fort Sill, so that troops readying for deployment could enhance their emotional resilience and wellness skills, while reducing their risk of acquiring combat stress and PTS.

And we are in over 90 VAMC’s, Vet Centers and clinics.

Belleruth keynoted the Army Surgeon General’s opening summit to develop the now system-wide Performance Triad (Sleep, Nutrition, Activity) at Aberdeen Proving Ground back in 2012.

And we’re currently building a web page with streaming and downloads of our de-stressing guided meditations for Fisher House families and staff.

More important than any of the above is the fact that our meditation tools for military stress and wellness promotion make a positive difference – sometimes all the difference - in the lives of Service Members and Veterans.

Where Exactly Are These Resources Being Used?

Health Journeys bulk meditation tools for military and veterans are distributed by the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the U.S. Marine Corps National Crisis Call Center in Quantico, Fort Sam Houston, Camp Pendleton, The National Guard of California, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Horsham Air Guard Station, the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, Army Community Services in Korea, MWR, and over 90 V.A. hospitals and Vet Centers worldwide, to name just a small representative sampling.

One of the great advantages of these uploadable resources is that they can be sent to service members who live in remote areas where face-to-face help is scarce, infrequent or inaccessible.

What Titles Are Most Frequently Ordered?

The Health Journeys guided meditation tools for military stress and trauma that are most popular with DoD and VA professionals who order for those in their care, are Healthful Sleep, Relaxation & Wellness, Healing Trauma, Self-Mastery, Easing Pain, Panic Attacks, Anger & Forgiveness, Heartbreak & Betrayal and Easing Grief.

Of course, medical centers are more likely to order our audio programs for Successful Surgery, PTS, TBI, Pain, Sleep and Medical Procedures.

Is There Any Research that Establishes that These Materials Are Evidence-Based?

Our programs have been tested in randomized clinical trials and evaluated as program interventions in over twenty studies. We have been found to significantly reduce the symptoms of combat stress and military sexual trauma; to lower pain, anxiety, blood loss and use of opioids during surgery; to reduce length of stay in the hospital; reduce cost per surgery in HMO’s; to speed recovery and lower complications after surgery; enhance weight loss; increase success with smoking cessation; and double rates of abstinence after smoking cessation.

We’re delighted to advise you and assist if you’re looking for a new approach. Just contact Elizabeth Hauser at ehauser@healthjourneys.com or call her at 800-800-8661 x100

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